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HOST Ltd. was founded in 1989 with the participation of renowned companies in the oil industry and industrial experts. Its purpose in the first place was to provide such additives and fluid systems that were required for domestic hydrocarbon exploration and production and that could be used more favourably in terms of technological, economic and environmental considerations than before. To achieve this besides adopting the technological solutions used in the leading international practice, HOST Ltd. also organized the domestic production of up-to-date products and compositions. The activity was performed from first to last with enforcing both the international standards (e.g. API Standards) and the domestic regulations.

By the middle of the 90's the company ensured the determinant majority of the additives used in the above mentioned area - and decisively also the adoption technology. In the activity of HOST Ltd. technological planning and consultation, the furtherance of introducing the new technologies and technological solutions got a significant role. All this established and made the company's continuous and significant economic strengthening possible.

In the last few years the privatization of the company was realized and the constitutional, controlling and infrastructural system of the company was brought up-to-date. In co-operation with a leading multinational company HOST Ltd. provides a full-scale technological/professional service for the oil industry primarily in the area of Integrated Fluid Engineering and Waste Management. This kind of work relies to an even greater extent on the international and domestic standards and regulations.

The company's basic aim is technological prominence, servicing/commercial reliability, continuous technological innovation and progressive co-operation with chosen partners.